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Financial and Billing Resources

As mutual respect, if you do have any billing or financial questions, please contact our billing department versus directing those questions to your provider(s). 

If you are participating on the membership track, then you can contact, please contact our office directly and our team will help you; this track is not part of PRIVA. If you have other billing questions, please use the resources below to find the answer you need.

Card on file agreement

It is our mandatory practice policy to keep a active credit card on file. We do accept and keep the card securely on our platform. The card is used to cover co-pays, deductibles, costs that aren't covered by your health plan. 


Billing Information

Help & Support

If you have a question or are looking for additional information, we’d love to assist you. Check out our resources below about billing and refunds.


For General Assistance Over the Phone

Call (888) 774-8428 during normal business hours 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For billing information and FAQs, click here.

For refund information and FAQs, click here.

Financial Policy (PDF) - This form advises patients of their complete financial responsibility for all medical services received without regard to insurance eligibility or coverage determinations.

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