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A unique integrative care medical practice with Board-Certified Physicians using a personalized and comprehensive approach with seamless integration of:

  • Primary Care

  • Mental Health

  • Specialty Care

Physicians without Limitations

Are you too busy to make appointments with your Physician and wish you could just send an email or speak to them on the phone? Are you sick of waiting an hour or more for your appointment, and then feeling rushed after sitting with your Physician for only a few minutes?

At OneMed we offer:

  • Direct access to your Board-Certified Physician

    • Phone, email, portal or text

  • Hybrid visits utilizing in-person and/or modern telemedicine platforms

  • Appointments in less than 48 hrs.

  • Quality evidence-based care wherever you are

How we are different:

Physician patient panel:
10-15 minutes with Provider

Traditional Medical Practice

Encounter Time:
Direct Access to Physician
30-60 minutes with Physician

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